Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Real Ip Man 3 Featuring Donnie Yen

   Ever since the original Ip Man movie I have been hooked. Ip Man 2 came out and I couldn't get enough. Then I learned of a third Ip Man movie, "Ip Man: The Legend is Born", and needed to see it. Unfortunately this time Donnie Yen was not in it. It kind of works for me because it was a prequel and the new star was younger but I still wanted the original actor. I thought that was the end of the Ip Man series.
   "The Grand Master" then came out in theaters and chronicled Ip Man's life but was not associated with the original series, and no Donnie Yen. "Ip Man: The Final Fight" followed in theaters and again no Donnie Yen! Now I hear of another Ip Man movie starring Donnie Yen but I am unsure if it is true. I have seen reports of him quitting the movie due to his schedule but am unsure of what the current state of the movie is in. I sure would love to know for sure. I need more Ip Man!

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